Musicseur is a one stop destination for everything that a music connoisseur would want.  Musicseur sells products specially curated to optimize the listening experience of the true connoisseurs, those who make music an important part of their lifestyle, including audio products that enhance the soundtracks of our lives, a music and lifestyle themed clothing line, True Connoisseur Clothing to show off your passion for music culture to the world, and articles about the music and the musicians that we are passionate about.  The Musicseur blog features writing on our favorite music and musicians from all genres, from Funk to Punk, from Be-Bop to Hip Hop, Psychedelic Rock, Techno, House,  Ambient / New Age, Reggae, Soul, Free Jazz, you name it, we listen to it, and will be writing on it.  We will also have articles on general music culture, as well as features highlighting products that we carry in the store.  If you are a musician, a busy connoisseur on the go, or simply someone interested in music, bookmark this website, and use Musicseur for all of your needs relating to this wonderful thing we call music.