What Music Do We Love?

Our credo for this blog is that we will always produce articles on the music and the artists that we love. After all, what kind of website dedicated to the needs of the modern day music connoisseur would not enthusiastically write about or promote the music and the artists that they love? Clearly, we have a serious passion for music, and love to share our passion and have deep, spirited discussions and exchanges of opinion on topics involving music. These discussions are the lifeblood of the music connoisseur. But of course such a credo would make one pose several questions. What is that music? Who are those artists? What are characteristics of this music, from a musical, sonic and artistic level? What are the artistic characteristics that make an artists truly great in the ears and eyes of a true music connoisseur? In this blog, as well as the accompanying blog, What Artists Do We Love, we will give answers to these questions, as well as provide a backdrop for what you can expect in this space.


Are you a person who gives a slight eye roll whenever you ask someone what kind of music that they are into, and they give the standard, "I like a little bit of everything!". I, in past times, would internally scoff at such answers as well. It just sounds like such a fence sitting, generic answer. But then I looked into my record, CD and cassette collection. I look at the artists that I follow on streaming services. I think about all of the discussions that I've had about music with so many different types of people, from all walks of life, all different racial, and cultural backgrounds, about many different genres, sub genres and facets of music. Suddenly I realize that I am very similar to the person who gives the seemingly non-specific "a little of everything" answer. The only difference, is I don't like just a little of everything, I like a LOT of everything!


It's not uncommon for me to listen to Madvillainy, the legendary collaboration album by underground hip hop titans MF Doom and Madlib and follow that up with Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, my favorite album by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, followed by Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow the psychedelic masterpiece by the famous funk collective Parliament Funkadelic, followed by Dots and Loops, a personal classic by Stereolab. The point is that we love everything that we deem "good", regardless of whatever genre designations that the music may carry. Now of course this does not mean that we are not discriminating in our tastes. In fact, quite the opposite is true.  We have extremely strong opinions on music in terms of what we consider good, and what we consider not worth our time or attention.  But genre descriptions and designations have no bearing on our opinions.  The only thing that matters to us is the quality of the tunes, not the idiom from which the music was created.


So what are the common musical characteristics of the music that we love?  Simply put, we like anything funky.  Not necessarily funky in the James Brown, George Clinton, or Sly Stone sense (although we're always up for some James, Sly or P-Funk!).  But funky in the unique, innovative, risk taking sense is what I'm getting at. What I'm describing is similar to how a left handed boxer or a pitcher with a strange windup would be described "funky". In our view, music that pushes boundaries, that stretches perception, and that is uniquely effective, whether physically or spiritually would be considered "funky" in that sense, even if their music isn't anywhere close to what's known as Funk music. We like all music that is presented with integrity and honesty, regardless of whether we totally agree with the artists apparent worldview as well as the individuality and true artistic flair that any auteur would have developed in order to have the privilege of calling themselves artists.


Of course, great music must be created by great artists.  Check out the accompanying blog What Artists Do We Love, to get an overview of the kinds of artists that we will be writing about from the Musicseur perspective.  Also, take a look around and check our products, including or True Connoisseur Clothing line, Headphones and earbuds, wireless speakers and for the vinyl enthusiasts and crate diggers, turntables and record players, to play the music that is the soundtrack to your life hand picked by us, specifically meant to optimize the listening experience for the true music connoisseur.


Terrence "T Noize" Satchell



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