What Exactly Is a Musicseur?

Are you a person who reads liner notes and credits on your favorite albums to know who produced what, who laid that funky bass line, who played that soaring keyboard lead, or that rousing guitar solo? Are you a person who reads 2000 word or more articles or even full books on subjects like 1960's Soul, Funk or Psychedelic Rock, early 80's Hardcore Punk, the 1970's "Krautrock" scene, the 1980's and 90's Detroit Techno scene, or pieces that reveal details on the creation of your favorite album on the 10th or 20th anniversary of its release? Are you a person who spends lots of time on Whosampled trying to figure out what sample is in that incredible hip hop beat? Is your favorite books list simply a list of your favorite musician or band biographies? Are you a person who looks forward to Friday every week in anticipation of new music releases of not only your recognized favorites, but of unknown and unrecognized names in order to give a listen?


Are you that person that everyone in your circle knows to go to when they cannot recall the name of that song running through their head, or when they want to know something about that new (or new to them) tune or artist that they recently fell in love with? Do you feel that same or similar sense of panic when you mistakenly leave your headphones or earbuds home as when you leave your cellphone home? Are you a person who has an undying fascination and appreciation for music, both old and new music, and all aspects of music culture? Are you a person who becomes aghast and simply cannot understand when a person claims that they are "not that into music"? If you answer in the affirmative to many, most or all of these questions, you are a 21st century music connoisseur, a Musicseur.


In today's society, where it appears that those that are the decision makers and power brokers in the music industry seem hellbent on making or marketing music to be as disposable as possible, training the public to see music similarly, being a true Musicseur can be somewhat of a lonely existence. As a Musicseur and lifelong musician myself, I can attest to the importance of connecting with people of like mind with similar passions. Aside from great music itself, those who are true to the Musicseur lifestyle have needs. There is a need for community, even if that just consists of a friend or two who share a similar devotion and excitement for music. There is a craving for mental stimulation in the form of good discussion and reading material on the music and musicians that we love. And there will always be a need for access to products that optimize the music listening experience.


This is where Musicseur comes in. Musicseur is run by a person who has been a music connoisseur ever since rummaging through his parents old crates of records, becoming transfixed by the psychedelic artwork on Parliament Funkadelic album covers, as well as a musician ever since I was in the single digits in age. I understand the needs of today's music connoisseur because I am today's music connoisseur. The chief priority at Musicseur is, as I wrote earlier, to enhance the experience of those who proudly, passionately and voraciously consume music, offering such things as headphones, earbuds, bluetooth speakers, mp3 players, and even CD players and turntables for those who still treasure physical copies of music. Check out our True Connoisseur Clothing line, featuring t shirts, hoodies and hats that reflect our passions for music.  Please continue to check out the blog, as I will feature weekly articles on music connoisseur culture, focusing mainly but not exclusively on the music, musicians and products that we love.


Bookmark this site, and use Musicseur for everything you need to continue to indulge in one of life simple pleasures, listening to the beats, sounds, melodies, instruments and lyrics that inspire and enhance your everyday life.


Terrence "T Noize" Satchell



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