What Artists Do We Love?

The innovators, the risk takers, the iconoclasts.  The mavericks, the trendsetters, the stylists.  Those who have dedicated themselves fully to their craft as evidenced by their extraordinary creativity.  Those who are able to affect millions with words or song arrangements that they have written, riffs that they have played and beats that they have made.  Those who are able to transcend eras, genres and stylistic classifications to create art that makes an impact long after it was created.  The visionaries, those who were able to forecast the future sounds of music and even create brand new genres and movements through their unique, individualistic artistic expression.  Pharoah Sanders, Can, Black Flag, J Dilla, Black Sabbath, Aphex Twin, Curtis Mayfield, Rakim, Boards of Canada. These are just a very few of the type of artists that we love at Musicseur. 


It does not matter much to us if the artists are the world conquering megastars, who have and even may continue to reach soaring heights in critical acclaim, popularity, and record sales.  Conversely, it also isn't particularly important to us in this space if they the underground heroes, those who may have flown under the radar of the mainstream media channels, and whose true impact goes well beyond mere numbers of records sold or other such metrics commonly used to measure an artists popularity. Although popularity is fantastic for that artist, it does not always accurately reflect the artists overall contribution to the historical conversation about music. In fact, an artists true contribution to music may not be fully understood for decades, as the artistic seeds that they plant grow into entire genres, or at least common variations of styles within a genre.


There are many artists throughout the history of music who have been overtaken by a momentary flash of inspiration, and were able to create that one song, or even that one album that stands alone as a huge hit,or a classic in terms of quality. The stories of those artists are fascinating and are worthy of exploration, especially within scenes and genres where artists are not necessarily meant to have long careers.  In fact, there areartists whom it can be argued have made more of an impact with relatively few releases or a relatively short time on that contemporary scene than artists who were able to sustain their measure of what can be considered success over decades.  And although prolificity can be a sign of brilliance, this can not be so without quality.  Quality of art is the number one determinant of the artists that we love as music connoisseurs.


At the Musicseur blog, Music That We Love and Artists That We Love will be semi weekly columns, where I will touch upon a genre, style, or movement that we fell have made or are currently making a mark on music, or profile an artist and their work, give an overview of my perception of their artistic aesthetic, highlight what we consider to be the highlights of that artists catalog, and analyze their impact on music. And although we consider ourselves as historians in a sense, The Artists We Love are not limited to what would be considered "classic artists" as contrary to what many may think, there are still at this very moment artists who make art that is important, affecting, and worth talking about.  


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Terrence "T Noize" Satchell



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